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Fred Willis. LMAC (Previous comp.)

Cardinal, MP Jet


Peter Ralph (Previous comp)

Sportster, Irvine Mills .75cc







Tomboy Competition -  29 July

Attempting a competition in July is pushing your luck and although very cold, there was some luck with a lull in the breeze and we finally made a start around 11.00am.

It was good to welcome Merv and Owen Cameron, and Ross Blackwell from LMAC. Peter Allen and John Jongbloed had MPJ powered Tomboys and Chris Rowe, also with a Tomboy, but powered with an original Mills 0.75. Mike Rutledge and Ross Blackwell turned out with MPJ powered Courtesans, a Vic Smeed design, rather like a “rounded” Tomboy.

Merv and Owen had their familiar Merlin powered Tomster / Sportsters. Both  recorded consistent flights. With the proceedings underway it was obvious that Mike’s Courtesan was in a class of it’s own, with the MPJ performing faultlessly. John, Peter and Owen all improved in the later rounds, but it was Mike who won the day.

Following the excellent BBQ lunch, with special thanks to Colleen, the day was “rounded” off with some control line flying and despite the challenging conditions it turned out to be a most enjoyable day.

We should have several new models ready for the next event with Bob McAllister’s Tomboy nearing completion.

Stay tuned for details of the next “Tomboy” fun event

William Deal – Tomboy Event Co-ordinator


Tomboy Results 29 July 2012





2 3


Peter Allen


MP Jet

1.30 2.45 6.20 5.01

Ross Blackwell (LMAC)


MP Jet

DNS DNS 0.15 1.05

Merv Cameron (LMAC)



2.04 1.40 4.30 DNS

Owen Cameron (LMAC)



2.08 DNS 4.35 4.17

John Jongbloed


MP Jet

3.00 2.40 6.08 4.05

Chris Rowe



1.46 2.08 2.20 DNS

Michael Rutledge


MP Jet

5.001 2.35 7.001 7.001

Note 1: Maximum time limit

Competition Rules

The Tomboy competition  is an RC duration event for small vintage type models such as the Vic Smeed designed "Tomboy", Phil Smith "Veron Cardinal" or similar models of the era which can run on 1 or 2 channels. The event is very similar to the one designed in the UK by David Boddington for the one design "Tomboy" known as Tomboy 3 competitions. These competitions have now become popular at SAM Australia events.



Basic Rules:

  • 1 or 2 Channel RC, rudder only or rudder/elevator

  • The competition is for maximum flight duration of a RC model with limited fuel capacity

  • Aircraft to be a Tomboy, Cardinal of similar model of that era, around 36" wingspan powered by a diesel motor up to 1cc capacity. Fuel capacity limited to standard Mills tank of 3cc capacity.

  • Typical motors Mills 0.75cc, MP Jet 0.6cc, Frog 80, PAW 0.5

  • Competition consists of a number of flights with the single best duration time the winner.

 ------- Tomboy plan------



Sportster, Merlin

Merv Cameron. LMAC


Courtesan, MPJet

Mike Rutledge


Tomboy, MP Jet

John Jongbloed


Start of heat