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Through out the year we hold some friendly competitions or events for our members, MAAA affiliated club members are welcome.

Club competitions are designed around the KISS principle, with the least amount of rules possible and the emphasis on having a good time!

At the end of the event we usually have a friendly BBQ to wind up the mornings flying

Fun Fly Event - AXN / Glider

AXN/Glider events
Event dates:
The objective is a fun fly day with competitors able to choose in which or all events to participate in.
The events, although aimed at AXN / powered gliders, are open to all though some are more suited to
electric models.
To make the fun fly day a little more exciting judging, time keeping and scoring will be applied,
however this will be done on a fair and fun basis. There will be no prizes however trophies will be
presented for each event and may entail a box of tissues, a trophy, or simply a lot of abuse from fellow
participates and judges.
The following events have been planned for the above dates. Events, format and rules will however
subject to change, modification, scrapping, etc. based on experience gained at these event days.
Check your emails if the weather turns against us on the preceding Friday
Event 1: Climb and glide
Each aircraft takes off / launches and has a set time (maybe 15-20 seconds) to climb as high as
possible. The engine is then shut off and the glide time starts. Two successive rounds for the day. The
longest average time wins (as long as the aircraft land on a generous landing area marked off on the
Event 2: Precision landings
Pilot takes off / launches and gains a comfortable altitude and kills engine. Pilot makes a landing
approach and lands aircraft. Closed to the target marked on runway wins. (Power may not be applied
after landing approach commences expect if safety if compromised or there is potential to damage to
Event 3: Ten pin bowling
A string with a table tennis ball is suspended from the aircraft close to the CG (String and ball
supplied). The plane takes off / launched and when ready makes a run over the runway with the
objective being to knock over a set of bowling ball pins (Plastic cups) with the table tennis ball. Three
attempts permitted. The most cups knocked over wins.
Event 4: Bomb drop
A cup containing a light weight plastic ball is affixed to the aircraft with rubber bands near the CG
(cup, ball and rubber bands supplied on the day). The pilot takes off / launches and flies to a safe
altitude before making a pass over the target area. The pilot either dislodges the ball from the cup by
doing a loop, performing a roll or flying inverted (note that g-forces prevent the ball from being
dislodged during a loop therefore power needs to be reduced when the plane is inverted). The
ball/bomb that land closest to the target are wins. 


 Event coordinator: Greg England .

Dates TBA

The following dates are schedules where we can meet at the club weather permitting and try our hand at a few of the tasks used in the F3K (DLG) class.

My aim would be to consult the weather gods on the Thursday before
the designated dates and select either the Sat or Sun based on the wind forecast. Task determined on the day to suit conditions.